Free Fast & Easy Weight Loss Workshop - Weight Loss Program

Smarter! Not Harder.

See How Others Have Quickly & Easily Lost 10 to 100+ lbs With:
• No Hunger
• No Cravings
• No Shakes
• No Surgery
• No Calorie Counting 
• No Diet Pills
• No Packaged Foods
• No Medications
• No Injections
• No Fad Dieting
• No Exercise Needed
• Eat "Real" Food
• Scientifically Proven
• Patented Technology
• FDA Safe 

Who: Whoever Wants To Lose 10-100 lbs Of Fat Quickly & Easily
What: Fast & Easy Fat Loss Workshop
Where: 1330 N. Broadway, Suite 200H, Walnut Creek 94596
4966 W. El Camino Rl, Suite 222, Los Altos 94022
1190 S. Bascom Ave., Suite 111, San Jose 95128
How: FDA Cleared & Patented Fat Loss Technology. Scientifically Proven To Remove Fat Without Surgery, Diet Pills, Down Time, Injections Or Side Effects.
Cost: FREE ($79 value)
Seats: Reserved Seating
  *Note: This workshop is not at the hospital. Results vary.

Contact San Jose’s Fast Fat Loss Specialists

If you’re looking for fast and easy fat loss that will dramatically transform your life, you’ve come to the right place! The professionals at O’Connor Health Center would love to talk with you about what we can accomplish in our weight loss clinic. Not only will we empower you with the knowledge of how to lose body fat; we’ll provide you with the tools needed to easily transform your lifestyle so that the pounds stay off. If you think fast weight loss sounds too good to be true, we’d love to tell you about the different methodologies we employ to get the amazing results we do. Get in touch with O’Connor Health Center today and find out how effective and affordable our doctor supervised weight loss programs can be.

Results vary.

Dr. Jennings and O'Connor Health Center are able to help you to accelerate and/or maintain your journey to living a healthy life.